Who wants to go to Mars?

NASA Confirms Evidence That Liquid Water Flows on Today’s Mars by Staff Writers Pasadena CA (JPL) Sep 29, 2015 Dark, narrow streaks on Martian slopes such as these at Hale Crater are inferred to be formed by seasonal flow of water on contemporary Mars. The streaks are roughly the length of a football field. Image […]

The iPhone is going to Mars

Communication with Mars and Earth I am taking my iPhone with me to Mars.   The students working on the Occupy Mars Learning Adventures are coming up with creative ways to simulate how we will communicate with each other on Mars. We are experimenting with custom software and the iPhone 6. Bob Barboza has written […]

We want to communicate with geologists from Mexico

I want to learn how to be a geologist working on the Occupy Mars Learning Adventures Geologist’s Toolkits Our students are getting excited about studying geology, astronomy and chemistry. We are learning how to become geologists on a simulated Mars mission. One of our projects involves putting our geologist’s lab kits together. Students are getting […]

High School Students Learn About Living on Mars

NASA, the American space agency, has released an informative infographic, detailing what will happen to astronaut Scott Kelly’s body while he spends a record 12 months in space. Kelly, along with Russian astronaut Mikhail Kornienko, reached the halfway point of their mission this week, prompting NASA to release the graphic in celebration of his milestone. […]

Call teachers and students in Mexico: You are invited to our STAR Party with NASA in the USA

Kids Talk Radio STEM STAR Party Our NASA STEM Classroom at 49,000 Feet Bob Barboza and Kids Talk Radio Science is Hosting A NASA SOFIA STEM STAR Party Tuesday, September 15 6:30 p.m. in the Los Altos United Methodist Church Lounge Astronomer Jerry Larsen and space science and robotic’s educator Bob Barboza will co-host a live teleconversation with two […]

History of Science and Technology in Mexico

History of Science and Technology: Mexico This article covers the history of science and technology in Mexico. The Royal and Pontifical University of Mexico, established in 1551, was a hub of intellectual and religious development in Mexico for over a century. During the Mexican Enlightenment, Mexico made rapid progress in science, but when the Mexican […]